Be Mine

Sabrina James
A typical teenage love comes to mind when we go into the world of these three different girls at North Ridge high.The school plans a valentine's day most romantic couple contest were things gets heated up in a competition to be the most romantic but in events will the teenage life of Jennifer, Eden and Natalie ever find what they've been missing in their life. Tired of all the gloating and tortures from mean girl Claudia comes Jennifer with a rivalry against her to win the most romantic couple only one problem Jennifer doesn't have a boyfriend at least a real one anyways. Eden and Natalie's love interest is getting shaky do they really no what they want or is love truly blind; it cant be found right under your nose. Sabrina James creates a world where girls and boys can put themselves wanting love is a typical issue amongst teenagers in this book it will give you a couple of touching moments and also a reality check of what you really want in your love life. It was a fun read that left wit a good feeling of joy when i finished if you like this one Secret Santa is another book from Sabrina James.