The Chosen One Book Review

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams. When thirteen year old Kyra Leigh Carlson is destined to marry her sixty year old Uncle Hyrum, an Apostle, because it's a vision of God, she is terrified to wits end. Kyra, three mothers, one father, and twenty siblings all reside in the Compound where the Prophet controls their lives by God's so-called visions. The Carlson's live in a desert fifty miles from town which is surrounded by barbed wire because the Prophet claims that outside the fence is Satan. In the past, the Chosen Ones had the opportunity to visit town any time they wished too. As a new Prophet came into power, Prophet Marc Childs, the group has been exiled from the rest of "Satan's World". Abuse, violence and a demented religious world rule the lives of the Polgamists. Polygamy is a practice of multiple marriages (I looked it up on wikipedia...te he). Young women are reserved for the older men. Young adults who break the rules of the Prophet are bruttaly beaten in front of an audiance to display "obedience" and "respect". Books have been burned and banned because it has Satan's words.

For a long period of time, Kyra has been sneaking off to the Ironton Book Mobile on Wheels to check out books. When she falls in love with sixteen year old Joshua Johnson, her world is turned upside down. Will God accept her into Heaven even though she has broken numerous rules? Can she marry her Uncle Hyrum to save her family and herself? Will Kyra escape the Compound, even if that means leaving her family behind?

The Chosen One is an unforgettable, compelling book. It reveals the truth behind worlds we didn't even know existed. Williams grabs you into Kyra's world, as horrific and tradgic as it is. Kyra is deteremined young girl who fights against religion, faith, hatred and love. Her love and spirit is inspiring. This is a book I totally reccommend. Props to Williams for a wonderful, chilling book.